FaT M Investment Club

Founded 1999

Mission Statement

Fat M Investment Club, designed to facilitate the ability of a group of like-minded individuals and through the utilization of sound investment principles. Apply those principles toward long term growth by continual reinvestment all dividends and profits. Fat M Investment Club is conceived with the understanding that through research and prudent investing, these like-minded investors would strive to outpace traditional market indexes. The club is a long-term investment club not intended to replace traditional savings, rather to enhance the partnerís financial foundation at retirement.

Although Fat M Investment Clubís continued reinvesting of the club memberís relatively modest initial investment and monthly contributions should generate generous returns, we strongly discourage any investors for whom the capital expense involved would cause financial strain. Through pooling the resources of club members, we amass far greater buying power than the respective partners would individually, thus the success of the club is dependent upon each member. Every general partner in the membership is expected to devote 4-6 hours per month to the club, conducting research, assisting in the operation of the club, and attending meetings.