Putting Together The Ultimate Halloween Costume

By: Get In Costume

If you're going to have a great Halloween, you'll want to have a theme in mind. Are you thinking of something glamorous? Scary? Sexy? You might even be planning to go to more than one party, and want a different type of costume for each one.

If there's a party at your office, a sexy, glamorous outfit may not be the best fit. At the same time, you might want to be a little less subdued at your best friend's bash.

Once you've decided on what kind of theme(s) you want, a good costume shop will be your best bet for pulling it together. Are you going to buy a costume or rent one? You probably won't want to wear the same costume year after year, so you might be leaning towards a rental but you can buy costumes at reasonable prices these days - especially on the internet - so even if you only wear it this year it might still pay off.

Impressive costumes really always come down to the small details. If you're hoping that people won't recognize you when you arrive at the party, the details are critical.

A spooky monster mask might create a decent illusion, but spending the time and effort to use real theatrical makeup will make the illusion at lot more effective. With a little extra effort, nobody will be able to recognize you.

When you're out looking (or online surfing) for the perfect costume, spend the time to find a costume shop that has everything you need. Don't settle for a shop that doesn't really have what you're looking for, or doesn't have it all.

You'll want to choose a shop that not only offers the costume itself, but all the makeup and other accessories you want to complete your disguise. Going the extra distance will make for a more complete costume, and you'll be a lot happier with the results.

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