How To Get The Most Out Of Costume Rentals  

by Monty Smith

How often do you need to wear a costume? Children usually wear one costume a year, for example. And they often choose different costumes year after year. Adult costume parties are the same. People don't like to wear the same costume over and over. Also, if the costume parties you tend to attend are themed, wearing a costume twice is almost completely out of the question.

So, the option that makes sense for a lot of people is to do a costume rental. They are fairly inexpensive and if you go far enough in advance to choose and reserve your costume, you'll end up with a lot of good choices.

Deciding on a Costume

Before you visit the costume rental shop, spend some time thinking about which costume you would like. This could save a lot of hassle because you could call multiple shops in advance and ask if they have the costume in and if they do, you can inquire about their rates. Keep in mind that if you suspect your costume rental idea is a popular one that you'll need to reserve it well in advance.

Finding a Costume Rental Shop

You can rent costumes either online or at an actual store. It is fun to visit costume shops and try on the various outfits. To find a costume rental shop with a great selection, you may want to do your research first. Look online or ask others where they go to rent their costumes. It is best to have a few costume rental shops in mind in case one doesn't have what you need.

Reserving the costume

Certain days of the year are a big deal for costumes. Halloween is by far the most popular and there are usually Halloween parties happening throughout October. Costume parties can occur throughout the year but second to Halloween, winter is a popular time for costume rentals. Keep this in mind when renting a costume. As soon as you know about the event, visit the store to see what they have to offer and make a decision as quickly as possible. When you do reserve it, make sure you understand how they charge. If it is per day, you'll want to pick it up the day of the event.

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